Beaudry Electric Motors - A Baldor Distributor - Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Custom Motors
Beaudry Electric Motors can design motors and spindles to your specifications. We specialize in difficult and demanding applications. Below is a list of several modifications that can be done to any stock motor.

Custom Electic Motors
Modifications & Improvements:
  • Double or Special shafted motors
  • Saw Arbor
  • Custom Spindle Motors
  • Special Voltages and/or Frequencies
  • Slow Speed
  • Encapsulation and Potting
  • Labryinth & Enpro Seals
  • Washdown Duty
  • Gear Reducer Modification
  • Multi-Speed - single or multiply windings
  • High Speed Redesigns
  • Encoder or feedback device provisions
  • Special Bearings