Custom Motors/Reducers

Beaudry Electric has learned from every client and application we have served. Over time, our desire to help clients improve production efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs has led us to understand the importance of meeting special application requirements with custom designed motors. Whether the requirements relate to form factor, special service duty, unique control parameters or unusual environmental factors, our in-house engineering staff has developed a well of application and performance knowledge.

Beaudry Electric Motors can design motors and spindles to your specifications. We specialize in difficult and demanding applications.

Rapid prototype development process to completed production availability is our trademark service.

Press Machinery

Custom motors designed from the ground up.

  • Double or Special shafted motors
  • Saw Arbor
  • Custom Spindle Motors
  • Special Voltages and/or Frequencies
  • Slow Speed
  • Encapsulation and Potting
  • Labryinth & Enpro Seals
  • Washdown Duty
  • Gear Reducer Modification
  • Multi-Speed – single or multiply windings
  • High Speed Redesigns
  • Encoder or feedback device provisions
  • Special Bearings

We can custom manufacture motors and reducers to match your dimensions or specifications.

  • Custom shaft dimensions
  • Bearing changes (High Speed)
  • Electrical changes (RPM, HP, Voltage)
  • Custom flanges and mounting

Custom Machines / Redesigns and Upgrades

power Transmission
ACDC motor
onsite services
rewind machine
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