Professional electrical rewind by hand for a gentler and longer lasting repair. The rewind process can help in the repair of shorted, grounded or damaged coils in a motor to get the motor back to functioning at its optimal level. 

We are Driven by Quality.

Coil Encapsulation

Resin is pulled through the windings to improve Thermal Transfer from coils and provides total protection from the environment.

  • All motor types (even rotating parts)
  • Allows motors to work harder without overloads
  • Prevent contamination (water, coolant, carbon, etc.)

Rewinding Services

All motors are rewound with the best available materials and come with a 2-year warranty.

  • REA Pulse Shield SD Inverter Duty Wire
  • Dolph CCI 105HTC Class R Varnish
  • VPI Tank
  • Baker D3R Surge Tester with Printout
  • 2-EPA Safe Burn Out Ovens
  • 2-Bake Ovens
Wiring Spools
Partially Complete Motor
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