Servo Motors

Servo Motors

  • Fast, accurate repairs
  • All motors test ran
  • Load test reports with all repairs
  • Detailed test reports with all repairs
  • Encoder, resolver, tach, hall sensor testing
  • Brake coil rewinding and potting
  • Rotors balanced to ISO G1.0 tolerance
  • Mechanical upgrades for common failures
  • Motor sealing for wet environments
  • Heidenhain ATS adjusting and testing
AC DC Servo-Motors
Servo Motor Repair

AC/DC Brush + Brushless Servo Motors

  • State-of-the-Art precision test equipment
  • Load Testing
  • Feedback device testing for encoders, resolvers, hall effect devices, and tachometers
  • Brake coil rewinding and potting
  • Precision high-speed balancing
  • Motor sealing for dirty environments
  •  Servo Motor retrofits
  • Replace high maintenance brush type motors with brushless servo motors to increase performance, and minimize maintenance and downtime. 

Why Work With Us?

Servo motor repair is highly specialized and requires a motor repair shop that has servo trained technicians, documentation, test equipment, cabling, and expertise to repair complex sophisticated motors. Servo motors vary widely in specifications from one manufacturer to another. Beaudry Electric Motors has invested in the equipment and training to repair servo motors fast and accurately. Upon receiving your motor, we will test it to give you an evaluation and quotation for repair and upon approval, we will do what is required to return your motor to factory new condition in a timely manner.

Kollmorgen AKD2G Servo Drive
Wired Drives

To Our Fellow EASA Shops

We are offering our servo motor repair services at a discount to you. Our objective is to provide outstanding service and keep costs down. Our prices are based on time and materials only; not flat fees.

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